What is BYOM and the benefits of BYOM

You must have heard the acronym BYOM more and more recently. But what exactly does BYOM mean?


Actually, BYOM is the abbreviation of these four words-Bring Your Own Meeting. It means people bring their own devices, like laptops and tablets, and start meetings in the conference room. In this case, you can bring your familiar laptop to the meeting room and host a video conference while still could use the available audio and video peripherals of the meeting space you are in. This way of working saves a lot of unnecessary hassle and stimulates creativity. After all, the device brought by your self can maximize your productivity and reduce your adjustment time of the the strange equipment in the meeting room.

Due to the epidemic, more and more people are used to online meetings. Even as lockdowns dwindle, the advantages of online meetings keep many from giving up. This is also one of the reasons why BYOM is growing in popularity.


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