Church livestreaming with Tenveo PTZ cameras and joystick keyboard

Why do churches need live streaming?

There are countless churches around the world. In this internet age, live streaming church services can help new and distant believers to watch the church activities. Additionally, church live streaming can help churches promote themselves. Churches could post their sermon activities videos on their Youtube channel. They can even review the sermon on the internet if they missed it. This is an good way to keep your believers connected to your churches through worship, music, and prayer.


What challenges will church live broadcasts face?

(1) Not familiar with the equipment: There are now many types of live broadcast equipment, and you may have problems about how to choose the one that suits me.

(2) Save time and money: The investment funds are limited and the church needs to save expenses and also choose the best devices.

Tenveo hereby recommends several cameras suitable for church live broadcast for your reference - TEVO-VHD620A, TEVO-VHD-630A and TEVO-VL12U. All three cameras are available in NDI versions and reasonable in prices. With NDI, there's less latency and faster speeds for livestreaming. The live broadcast experience will be better. In addition, if your church is big in size, you can choose three cameras + one control keyboard. For keyboard controller, it is recommended that you choose TEVO-KB200 or TEVO-KB200PRO. TEVO-KB200PRO is a keyboard with more complete functions and can preview the image of the cameras in real time. Ask Tenveo Sales for more solutions and quotes!

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