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What is including in an Video Conference System ?

Video Conferencing system included a Video Camera, Audio equipment, Central control unit(such as keyboard controller), and Conferencing software.

What kind of camera and microphone should I use?

We have video conferencing cameras and speakerphone that are specifically designed for small huddle rooms, conference and boardrooms, and large auditorium spaces. contact us now for more information on different meeting room systems.

Why video conferencing is important in business?

1. Reach out to several people at the same time
2. Save time and money on your travels
3. Increase in productivity with a face to face communication
4. A better way to interact and connect with people

What are the zoom of your video conference cameras?

Fixed focus, 3X 10X, 20X, 30X optical zoom. Contact us for mroe detailed information.

What are the MOQ?

We can offer samples at very low price. Distributor, Agent Wanted! ODM, OEM Supported, Contact us today.

What is the warranty?

We provide 30-Day money back guaranty for No reason and the warranty period is 36 months. Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you encountered any problem when using our products.

How to choose USB Series camera and SDI camera?

If you use the camera in a small space, such as huddle meeting room or larger meeting rooms, you can choose USB2.0 or USB3.0(HDMI supported) series cameras.
If you need to output the video to LED Giant Screen and use it for a Huge space, such as church or Music Festival, you can choose SDI camera(HDMI supported).
By the way, SDI support 328ft(100m) HD-SDI video transfer, HDMI support 98ft(30m) HD video transfer and USB support 66ft(20m) HD video transfer.
Contact us now for more detailed information.

What is the biggest difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0 cameras? Also what is the length of the USB cord?

The biggest difference between the two?
USB2.0 cameras, Video output pixel: 1080P 30/25, 720P 30/25.
USB3.0/HDMI cameras, Video output pixel: 1080P 30/25, 720P 60/50/30/25 .
The bigger Frame number means a better, clearer and more smooth picture, and USB3.0 camera support USB3.0 and HDMI Video Output at the same time.

what is the length of the USB cord in each?
USB2.0 cable(3m) and USB3.0 cable(3m)

Will it be suitable for my meeting room size?

[ VHD4K ]
Recommended meeting room size: 5mx5m(17'x 17'), 25 Square meters.

[ VHD3U ]
Recommended meeting room size: 5mx7m(17'x 23'), 35 Square meters.

[ VHD10U ]
Recommended meeting room size: 5mx12m(17'x 39'), 60 Square meters.

[ VHD20U ]
Recommended meeting room size: 10mx20m(33'x 66'), 200 Square meters.

[ VHD630A ]
Recommended meeting room size: 12mx25m(39'x 82'), 300 Square meters.

More details please contact us.

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