After-Sales Service

If there are any quality problems during the guarantee period, we will maintain for free.

  • 01

    30-Day money back guaranty for No reason.

  • 02

    All products purchased from our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair for 36 Months

  • 03

    We answer most emails in less than 24hours, please inquiry with your order ID.

Under any of the following warranty, elated maintenance costs will be collected:

Products was not normal used

Fire, electric shock, outside object collapse or other natural disasters causes make the equipment damage.

Unauthorized repair, misuse, abuse and change.

Special legal right will be provided to the dealer.
If the dealer and customer need the maintenance service,
please contact with customer service center to get the authorization code and following info:
  • Product model and serial number.

  • Proforma invoice No.

  • Defect details.

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