Tenveo conference Cams can be used on education, training, recruiting, etc.

Make full use of information technology to make the classroom of the double teacher truly used for education. With the maturity and stability of the dual-teacher classroom technology, more education fields improve the teaching effect through the dual-teacher classroom system. For the foreign language dual-teacher class, accepting the pure foreign professor class, it is necessary to provide a reliable remote interactive teaching system.

Shenzhen Tenveo Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to science and technology change education, helping to balance the development of international educational resources. Through technology, Chinese schools can connect with global high-quality foreign teachers resources, allowing Chinese students to share global foreign teachers in the classroom. Improve oral English, feel multiculturalism, and enhance international understanding in the process of real-time learning with foreign teachers.

The introduction of the cloud classroom puts forward the following important technical indicators for the foreign teacher's classroom system: the dual-teacher classroom teaching system is simple to operate, and it is convenient for foreign language teachers and domestic teachers to operate one-to-many, and quickly open one-to-many distance lectures; The teaching system is customized and developed; the transnational communication of the dual-teacher classroom teaching system is clear and fluent, ensuring that one-to-many interactive classrooms are free from stagnation, ensuring interaction between teachers and students in the classroom; the dual-teacher classroom teaching system supports sharing mode, and the student-side dual-screen display, Foreign teachers can easily operate courseware; provide classroom interactive answerer solutions.

After a number of test comparison system functions, the Tenveo video system perfectly satisfies the requirements of education for the dual-teacher classroom deployment.

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