Use Tenveo Camera as a Church Camera - Live Streaming with OBS

Consider your values. There is a heated debate around online worship. Some say that faith can’t be practised online. Others argue that it doesn’t matter what media you use to spread the word as long as you reach the unchurched and help them find their way. In the end, however, if broadcasting sermons online is 100% against your church’s values, then you probably shouldn’t do it.

Consider the overarching benefits. Streaming your church services online is a way to reach the sick and elderly, to attract newcomers looking to join your church, to stay connected to the ones who are away (e.g. soldiers) and, last but not least, to reach worshippers around the globe.

Learn from others’ experiences. A common fear among church leaders is that broadcasting sermons online will hurt church attendance. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. For example, The Church of England managed to double the number of people they reach every month by live streaming on social media. And Life.Church became the largest church in America (Congregation: 70,000) only after starting to broadcast their church services online.
People still visit churches in person but many are also looking to practice their faith online

It’s a church marketing tool. People don’t just want to listen to sermons passively. They want to be a part of a community. So, think of live streaming as a way to invite people to join your community. Once they step through the sanctuary door, find more ways to engage them, e.g. children’s activities, volunteering, mass prayer, confession, and so on.

Statistics: State of the online church

People do watch online sermons. The numbers say that it’s vital for your church to have an online presence and to give strangers a taste of the worship experience inside the sanctuary.

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